Hartlip 100 Club

The Hartlip 100 Club is Hartlip’s very own lottery. It is run by the joint efforts of the Hartlip Village Hall Management Committee and the St Michael & All Angels Parochial Church Council. The aim is to raise funds for the Village Hall and resources for the local community including the Church.

But in the process, there is the opportunity for you (provided you join in!) to win a share of the membership subscription moneys. Despite the name there is no minimum and no maximum number of members. The more who join the bigger the prize money will be.

Here’s how it will work

Membership costs £20 a year. The prize fund, which you have a chance of winning, will be 45% of the annual income from the members of the club.

The 1st prize will be 50% of the prize fund; 2nd prize 35%; third prize 15%; all apportioned over 10 months. You can have more than one member per house (but members must be over the age of 16). Each paid-up member receives a membership number that we will allocate. That number enters into the monthly draw (10 draws per year; there are no draws in August or December). The draw takes place on the last Saturday of each month.

Membership forms

If you are interested in joining, please contact Jacqueline Shicluna on 07736125436 or Barbara O'Doherty on 01795 841363.

If you would like to join in membership forms can be downloaded by clicking on this link. Complete and return the form with your annual payment of £20 or confirmation of bank transfer.